Psychology & Counseling

What is a degree in Psychology & Counseling?

A psychology or counseling degree is one of the most popular choices of college students in today’s world. This popularity is fueled in part by an expanded worldwide focus on the emotional, health and well-being among people of all ages.
In approximately four years, obtaining this degree can open the doors with many opportunities to work in either a group setting with individuals who are seeking to improve their life by teaching individuals better, if more effective, coping skills, interpersonal communication and life skills.
Whether you choose to pursue an online counseling or psychology degree, you can be confident in a lifetime of fulfilling work, knowing that you’ve helped others become the best version of themselves.

Five Reasons in pursuing a Psychology & Counseling Degree:


1) Many of the skills you acquire from your online psychology and counseling classes will expand the likelihood of securing a career in a wide variety of fields.

2) Obtaining a psychology or counseling degree allows you a deep insight into your own personal psychological make-up. A better understanding of YOU helps with a better understanding of others, allowing you to help those you encounter.

3) Completing your psychology or counseling degree allows you to make a difference in the lives of others.  You will spend your career working with people to help them overcome their own life’s challenges, and increase their overall well-being, and help them to live up to their fullest potential

4) Having completed a degree in psychology or counseling, you’ll have the skills to interpret, organize and analyze data.  The ability to do so will make you highly valuable in a wide range of careers. These careers can include high school guidance counselor, social worker or psychologist.  The valuable information secured during your educational pursuit will prepare you for numerous career opportunities within psychology and counseling.

5) If you have an interest in teaching or becoming a professor, this degree is an excellent springboard for your career in academia.


Psychology or Counselor Degree Options:

(*note: these degrees can be obtained through online education)


* Psychology Degrees: Associate’s, Bachelor’s, & Master’s.

* Counseling Degrees: Associate’s, Bachelor’s, & Master’s.


Skills Learned from a Psychology or Counseling Degree

Psychology and Counseling degree graduates will enable them to help improve the quality of life for those they interact with that are seeking emotional assistance and guidance. Training in psychology/counseling programs will fortify your skills in the following areas:


Logical Reasoning


Time Management

Research / Analysis

Problem Solving

Prioritization / Organization


Psychology & Counseling Degree Job Opportunities:

Once you’ve completed your traditional campus and online psychology degrees or counseling master’s degree and enter the workforce, you can expect to find many varied jobs in this field, including these, and many more:

Case Manager

Also known as mental health case managers, psychology case managers specialize in assisting individuals with the care they need to deal  with mental health issues. They may work in hospitals, mental health facilities and residential substance abuse treatment centers.

School Counselor

Counselors assist students with academic goals, personal and career development, and help provide guidance for your future.

Human Resource Manager

A HR manager can help guide the the interviewing and hiring of new employees, handle interpersonal relationships between employees, help serve as a link between an organization’s employees and management.

High School Psychology Teacher (with a teaching certification)

High School Psychology teachers are involved in working with students on committees, extra curricular projects involving the wider community (ie outside of the school), and assist students with communication skills, giving the the confidence to understand the emotional needs of those around them.

Behavioral Analyst

A behavior analyst can provide a safe environment for those people struggling to control their personal and/or interpersonal behavior. They are able to work with parents, teachers, and other professionals to help support and implement changes for those with challenging behavior.

Employment Counselor (Career Coach)

A career coach helps clients by identifying their individual goals, helping to create and foster leadership skills and assist in planning potential career changes. An employment counselor may help clients find potential jobs, interviews, and provide helpful feedback on resumes and cover letters, which will help clients successfully find rewarding new careers.

Market Researcher

Market researchers collect data on many different topics – whether product consumption, competition in the marketplace, and they turn this information into actionable marketing plans to increase consumer consumption rates. They compile, analyze data using both traditional and modern methods.