Business & Management

What Is A Business & Management Degree?

A business & management degree provides students the skills and knowledge to succeed in different areas of small, medium, and large businesses. With this basic foundation, students can then specialize in finance, marketing products, and managing employees at companies. A business & management degree allows students to enter the workplace prepared to tackle the challenges of a free market economic system.
It is a degree which blends liberal arts education and hard science learning methods. Depending on the major and emphasis, students will be exposed to theoretical concepts using numbers and hands-on training where they create projects and presentations like those required in their future careers.

Business & Management Degree Career Options

A Business & Management Degree Can Lead To A Successful Career In Many Industries Including:

* Specialized Sales, Merchandising Marketing Operations

* Marketing

* Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods

* Management Information Systems and Services

* International Business

* Insurance

* Human Resources Management and Services

* Hospitality Administration/Management

* Finance and Financial Management Services

* Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

* Construction Management

* Business/Managerial Economics

* Business/Commerce, General

* Business Administration, Management and Operations

* Accounting and Related Services

* Skills Learned in a Business/Management Degree Program

A Business & Management Degree improves Strategic Reasoning & Negotiation capabilities in the following ways:

* Ability to think analytically, critically, and independently when discussing or theorizing about relevant business issues

* Communicate effectively whether through print or speech to deliver the message you seek to convey

* Ability to reason through a problem and deduct a logical solution based on pertinent information

* Understanding of the economy and the way in which it operates regarding companies, consumers, and government

* Understanding of financial markets and the instruments that trade within these markets

* Understanding of consumer behavior and advertising techniques


Careers to consider with a Business & Management Degree

The level of education defines the career path a business/management degree graduate will take. Those acquiring an associate degree will have trouble finding entry-level positions in their field of choice, since most companies require a bachelor’s degree.
A bachelor’s degree in business & management is the prerequisite for an entry-level position in the business field. This degree allows students to become accountants, investment bankers, advertising executives, and many other professions.
Acquiring an MBA will lead graduates to even better positions, where they can sometimes start as managers or upper-level employees. With each subsequent increase in education, salary rises accordingly.

Career Outlook


Job Growth

Wondering what the outlook looks like for business professionals with a bachelor’s degree? With the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting a 10 percent employment increase in the area of business and financial operations between 2016-2026, a business & management degree lends itself to an anticipated job security that resides above the national occupational average. And for those seeking a management-focused occupation, the Bureau predicts an eight percent employment growth rate during the same time span, keeping this occupation competitive with the national average.

Earning Potential

Because a business & management background can span so many industries, the earnings range is vast. The following examples best illustrate its breadth. Business professionals working in fundraising, real estate, and events industries, for instance, make a median salary in the $50,000 range, which represents the lower end of the salary spectrum. On the higher end of this range are professionals in the areas of finance and logistics, who -on average- earn anywhere from $60,000-$90,000 annually.
Wondering what compensation looks like for those working in management roles? In 2017, the Bureau reported that professionals working in management earned a median salary of $102,590.
As suggested, a business & management education opens the doors to many career opportunities after graduation.