What is a degree in Entrepreneurship?

Taking an online or traditional campus entrepreneurship course will open the door to business expertise. Entrepreneur programs lead you into fields of study which encompass applied business, finance and management principles. Obtaining these skills and knowledge can jumpstart the process to operating your own business or, alternatively, help others with this process.

How long until I receive my Entrepreneurship Degree?

Obtaining an online entrepreneurship degree takes approximately two years to complete the associate degree, and four years to complete an Entrepreneurship bachelor’s degree. Courses are available online or through traditional campus study.

Career Opportunities

An Entrepreneurship diploma will teach you the basics of business practices to lay the foundation and shape you to landing a mid-level management position.


Possible career opportunities once you’ve completed your Entrepreneurship associate or bachelor’s degree include:

Business consultant: A business consultant works directly with clients to help strategize, plan, and solve problems. A small business manager also helps clients develop business skills and knowledge to build their own businesses. These skills range from designing marketing plans, to building business models, to choosing which marketing technique will work best, and how to use it.
Sales: Salespeople help bridge the gap between customer needs and the product/service that fulfills that need.  The need for trusted sales staff is timeless.  A good sales person builds credibility and trust between the company and the client. This is an essential role in any business and a good salesperson can be worth their weight in gold.
Entrepreneur Career Statistics: According to the Kauffman Found report in 2016, about 6% of the U.S. adult population earn their living as an entrepreneur. There were over 450,000 companies founded in 2014. Starting your own business doesn’t just happen, the work must be put in as much as the passion that drives you. A study done by The Alternative Board in 2013 discovered how much entrepreneurs work per week:

* 19% work 60+ hours per week

* 30% work 50-59 hours per week

* 33% work 40-49 hours per week

* 14% work 30-39 hours per week

* 5% work less than 30 hours per week

Entrepreneurial success takes hard work and patience, plus dedication.  Completing a business education program that leads you to an entrepreneurship certificate, diploma or degree will allow you to successfully navigate the world of helping other businesses grow. It will take passion and a positive attitude, but the rewards are bountiful with the right combination of passion and persistence.