Medical Office

What is medical office administration?

Administrative work is often chalked up to the management of logistics and documents. However, it takes on a different meaning in the context of a medical office. As such, an education in the area of medical office administration teaches students a versatile skill set that includes training in medical terminology/pharmacology, the fundamentals of patient records and medical coding/billing, healthcare systems/operations, and more. The result is a broad perspective on the inner workings of medical offices, which opens graduates up to various career paths.

Securing Your Education

The study of medical office administration and management has become increasingly available through online and campus programs. The reason for this is the continued growth in the healthcare industry.

Online Classroom

Looking to earn a moa certificate online? There are many online schools that offer medical office programs. Medical office assistant courses are available à la carte or via an online moa degree. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to your education. The most important thing these medical office administration classes online offer is a flexible environment for earning a strong foundation in healthcare. In some cases, this even includes a management focus.

College Campus

An online MOA degree is the best fit for some students, but it’s important not to overlook traditional campus options. As this industry continues to grow, so will the competition, making it critical to leverage anything that differentiates you from other graduates. In some instances, learning under the guidance of an industry professional or a longtime academic does just that. Personal classroom interactions sometimes offer the opportunity to take a deep dive into the different career paths available to graduates.
Whether self-directed or guided from the classroom, exciting opportunities await students in the area of medical office administration/management.

Medical Office Career Opportunities


Work Environment

As the name implies, these graduates are usually eligible to work as medical office administrators. There are many facets of administration in healthcare, though, so if this hard-and-fast career jump doesn’t inspire you, consider working as a medical assistant for a more hands-on experience, or perhaps medical coding/billing specialist to hone your more technical skills.

Earning Potential

Salaries vary by occupation, but the below list, complete with data* from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, should provide details on earning potential.

* Medical Assistant: $32,480/year

* Medical Coding/Billing (Health Information Technologists): $39,180/year

* Medical Office Administrator/Secretary: $35,870/year

*Data is from 2017 reports