Get a Better Understanding of College Majors


The amount and types of subjects you can major in at college or university are plentiful and varied as there are more than 6,000 Title IV colleges and universities operating in the United States.  Arts, fashion, business, computers and information technology, religion, liberal arts, social sciences, military, automotive mechanics and repair, chemistry and trades and vocations are some subjects you can major in at accredited colleges and universities.
Here you’ll learn what’s required to enroll in and graduate with degrees in popular subjects like engineering, law, communications, marketing, and sociology.  Additional college and university subjects you can major and/or minor in covered here include:

Beauty & Massage


Business & Management

General Studies & Liberal Arts

Information Technology (IT)

Medical Office

Criminal Justice & Legal

Nursing & Patient Care

Culinary & Hospitality

Psychology & Counseling

Digital Media & Design

Religious Studies

Education & Teaching

Trade & Careers

Discover Job Outlooks for College and University Subjects

Some subjects you can major or minor in at college are only offered at the undergraduate level while others are offered up to the highest levels (e.g. Master’s, Doctorate).  Job opportunities and outlook in various subjects are also covered in the information.  For example, you’ll learn which college subjects complement career fields that have good job prospects over the next decade.  Other job outlook information includes the types of degrees required to work certain roles (e.g. dentists, neurosurgeon, teacher, newspaper writer), licensing criteria, typical hours professionals in the field work and work environments (e.g. office, outdoors) associated with the college subjects.  You can also learn about additional college degrees that help you to gain jobs in more senior level, yet complementary fields.
In addition to the fact that there are a large number of subjects you can major in at college, the types of subjects you can get undergraduate and/or graduate college degrees in continue to expand.  For example, as the Internet grew and became increasingly popular to national and global audiences, consumers and business leaders, subjects like web design, search engine optimization, social network marketing and virtual education and training began to be included in college and university curriculum catalogs.  If you take the time to research subjects you’re thinking about majoring in at college, you may increase your chances of enrolling in college courses that best help you to gain the skills and academic experience to earn a living working in subjects you’ve long held an intense interest in.