Beauty & Massage

What is Beauty & Massage?

If you’re looking to help people feel their absolute best, both inside and out, consider beauty or massage school. With an array of education formats available, you’re certain to find a classroom arrangement that satisfies your needs, allowing you to launch a rewarding career.



What do you learn in beauty school?

While every program varies, most beauty or cosmetology programs focus broadly on makeup application and nail, hair, and skin care treatments. As such, building a strong foundation by way of research, reading, and lecture is important to the fundamentals. However, many programs also place an emphasis on direct experience. In fact, if you plan to work as an industry professional, all 50 states require that students earn a specified amount of training hours before beginning their career.

Securing a Quality Education & Training

We’re living in an era where getting an education is easier than ever – a cosmetology degree or certificate is no different. Whether you’re looking for a hands-on, traditional beauty school experience or desire a more flexible, online program, you’re certain to find an education right for you.

Online: Perhaps you’d like to learn more about cosmetology but aren’t ready to commit to a comprehensive program? If this rings true, online beauty classes are the perfect way to dip your toes in the water without undertaking a financial burden. For those who are ready to take the leap but require a more flexible structure, there are many comprehensive online beauty school programs offered today.

Campus: Eager to learn from industry professionals, earning some extra hands-on training? A traditional campus beauty school will deliver exactly that. And in an art where so much is mastered through observation, you’re certain to launch your career with extra confidence in your cosmetology abilities.


Life After Beauty School

Wondering how to apply your cosmetology diploma or degree? The beauty of this training is the ability to apply it nearly anywhere. Although many new graduates enjoy working in a salon with access to built-in clientele and -in some cases- allotted product and equipment allowances, others prefer a more independent career of self employment.
Different work environments lend themselves to different schedules. With this in mind, it was reported that hair stylists and cosmetologists made a median hourly wage of $12.33, with some earning nearly $25.00/hour. These figures reinforce the career potential an education in beauty offers.

Massage Therapy


What do you learn in massage school?

Whether you select an online format or a hands-on massage program, your career in healing others begins with a quality education and training. As such, it’s important to select a program that teaches you everything from the fundamentals of anatomy/physiology and basic massage techniques to best practices of business and the various theories of healing. With a blended classroom and hands-on education, you’ll have the tools you need to launch a lifelong career built around helping others.

Getting Certified

Like the cosmetology industry, training to become a massage therapist requires meeting state-specific training qualifications. For instance, becoming a certified massage therapist can require anywhere from 330-1,000 training hours. With that in mind, what may sound daunting on paper can be easily acquired in a matter of weeks, months, or years, depending on the education track you select.

Massage Therapy Careers

Massage therapy lends itself to varied work environments and earning potential. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, massage therapy professionals earned a median annual salary of $39,990 in 2017. And with a predicted 26 percent increase in the employment of these professionals, massage therapy provides the job stability many careers today lack.