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The Los Angeles Film School

We want students who are passionate about the entertainment industry and are dedicated to honing their craft. Let your journey to an exciting career begin now. It's a great time to be creative.

We offer degrees in Film Production, Audio Production, Animation & VFX, Music Production, and Entertainment Business. We also offer Online degrees in Digital Filmmaking, Graphic Design, Music Production, and Entertainment Business.

We are an accredited media arts college located in the heart of Hollywood. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of the entertainment industry, through education. Our degree programs are designed to immerse you in a curriculum that integrates technical knowledge with artistic exploration and creativity, taught by a staff of passionate professionals. By focusing on both the art and science of creating entertainment, we give you the power to discover your individual voice through collaboration and realize your career goals in the entertainment industry.

Creativity never stops, why should you? We outfit you with your own laptop computer loaded with software specific to your program, so you can get to work – anywhere and anytime.*

Financial Aid and Military Benefits available to those who qualify.


*Laptop and gear info dependent on program and subject to change without notice. Entertainment Business Completer program does not receive a laptop or software.

Accredited by ACCSC Standard IV.B.6 VA-Approved by CSAAVE. Member of the Servicemembers Opportunity College Consortium. The term "The Los Angeles Film School" and The Los Angeles Film School logo are either service marks or registered service marks of The Los Angeles Film School.

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